​How to Help 

We are saving lives day by day and dog by dog. As a new rescue with a 5013c, we are trying to make a difference in the lives of dogs in need. Can you help?


Our dogs have gone through so much and suffered through so many broken promises before Mama Dog Rescue finds them. We appreciate any help you can offer to show them how much they are really loved and valued.

  • We have an Amazon wish list. Do you want to buy a lonely dog or cat a little treat? 

  • Do you have extra pet supplies to donate?

  • We take all dogs and cats to a veterinarian and make sure they're as healthy as possible, even those who have been abandoned because they're sick--and vet care is expensive. Do you want to donate money towards the health of Mama Dog's babies?

  • We foster our pets as long as necessary. Do you want to donate money towards the maintenance of Mama Dog's babies?

  • Do you want to foster Mama Dog Rescue pets? 

Anything you can do to help is welcome!

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